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Instagram or Blog – Which Is Better In 2023

Instagram or Blog – Which Is Better In 2023

Due to the potential, opportunities, and financial aspects, most creators are seriously considering whether to run an Instagram or blog, which can combine both. It is difficult to determine one precise answer here, which would be a golden means to solve the problem; therefore, before taking it, it is worth getting acquainted with all the pros and cons of each variant. Get advantages from SingaporeFollowers after getting more followers on Instagram.

Advantages of blogging

Thematic blogs gather fans around the world and despite 2023, they are still very popular. The biggest advantage of a blog is that you can write and publish extensive materials, a large number of photos, and redirecting links, and the more specific content; the longer people stay in the article. In addition to photos, it is an ideal source for promoting your own social media and portals such as YouTube, which can also complement the expert topic presented in the article. This attracts a selected niche and group of recipients, and the traffic generated in this way is attractive primarily to companies that offer permanent or one-off forms of cooperation, and thus, doing what you like, you can earn extra on it, grab accessories, plane tickets, hotel night, it all depends on the topic of your blog.

Blogging collaborations come in many forms, but one of the most popular options is the placement of banner ads that generate revenue if someone clicks through to your landing page or makes a purchase on that page. Everything depends on the signed cooperation agreement between the blogger and the company, but most often it is a fixed percentage of sales.

The biggest disadvantage of running a blog is the fact that you have to work hard to promote it and get a regular group of recipients who regularly come back to read new articles. It is often a long way before it is even discovered and the developing content actually becomes useful, so people starting their adventure with blogging have a very long and hard road ahead, the success of which as an end result is not guaranteed. What’s more, if someone wants to build their own brand and website on their own terms, they must take into account the costs of buying and maintaining a domain. Although there are many sites that allow you to build on a ready-made template, they do not give you the opportunity to use the full potential, and in addition, the name domain remains with the addition of the page, which does not look good for publications, because companies do not know whether they recommend a business partner, such as a blogger, or participate in promoting a hosting service.

Advantages of running Instagram

The application was created on the assumption that while private Facebook profiles allow the publication of photos, thoughtful descriptions, etc. available to friends and fans, in the case of fan accounts, Instagram is supposed to be a form of posting what is happening here and now. Although initially, they were just photos, the current extensions with InstaStories or rolls definitely met the creators’ assumption 100%.

Without much hesitation, it can be admitted that the number of active users, community building, as well as mutual support, and cooperation, has never been so common on such a scale before. For this reason, a very large percentage took the opportunity to turn Instagram into a personal blog. While half were testing how each feature worked by posting funny random life photos, some of the community were creating marketing strategies for their own brand, effectively seizing the moment to grow as audiences of millions could see their favorite bloggers live in one place.

This has become the most important bargaining chip on the market, because each company, seeing the potential, created free profiles, which are cheaper to maintain, due to the huge reach, it can afford to advertise its products even better. The same also applies to private individuals who can easily reach recipients, because the algorithm itself works for the user, so if the content is of good quality and gives some value to the recipient, it will certainly be noticed.

More importantly, you can create advertising campaigns for a small fee, promoting either your posts, based on interesting frames, as well as InstaStories, which are intended to encourage you to visit the profile by clicking on a photo prepared for advertising purposes, which redirects a specific entry. With such a huge range that the community gives, there is a great chance of success of a well-thought-out promotional campaign. Promote your Instagram account posts and InstaStories through the promotional campaign at little cost to buy Instagram followers Greece.

Which is better, i.e. a blog vs. Instagram?

The noticeable difference between your own website and when someone decides to run a personal blog on Instagram is that, first of all, social media focus more on the visual aspect, i.e. what catches the eye are good quality photos in appropriate colors and tones, while the blog the vast majority of which are strong and catchy headlines. In addition, social media were created to share content here and now from everyday life, where you enter the blog in search of expert content, where the information with the given sources is more important than the photos themselves, and an interesting entry that you can refer to and which you can come back if necessary. Pictures on Instagram, although pretty and have great potential when it comes to reaching, do not attract recipients on such a scale, where the written text actually works when using the CTA method, i.e. calls to action and engagement in the conversation in comments, sharing, or saving for later. The less time spent on the content itself, the less the user is willing to engage in this type of action because he can see a dozen more posts on his wall on the same subject during the same day.

The strong advantage of the application is that you do not have to work hard when you build an audience or it is in the early stages of building. It is enough to describe each photo well with well-thought-out hashtags and wait until the profile is noticed, and it also pops up automatically for people who follow the profile. The faster the reaction of people giving likes and new comments, the more the algorithm promotes such content, which allows you to increase the number of views.

When it comes to the advantage of a blog over the form of a blog on Instagram, first of all, you can set a kind of publication schedule and get the recipients used to a specific date, e.g. every Thursday at 16:00. Then faithful readers will wait impatiently for a solid dose of content that brings some value to their lives. Undoubtedly, you can also determine the place and weight of articles, which Instagram certainly does not provide, because everything is added there chronologically and you cannot make links to previous entries, which is why most of the content is lost in the crowd, because hardly anyone comes back to entries from 2 or 3 years ago, where on a private blog, you can freely promote content and good quality expert entries will still be displayed and actively commented on even after 5 years.

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Benefits of combining both forms of publication

Instead of focusing on the differences and considering whether to run a blog or Instagram, it is worth focusing on the benefits of combining both forms. Looking at the fact that you can publish more content and photos on the blog, additionally support it with videos, and most importantly, position the article on your own website, it is worth using Instagram as a form of promotion of the blog entry itself, presenting an outline of the topic and an example photo to encourage visit the site. Of course, it can also work the other way around, because not all published photos have to be repeated, thus for those who want other frames, maybe even modified with an appropriate preset, you can create a redirection to the application, which will further increase the reach of the profile, because by adding a new post, there is not always a guarantee that someone will see it in the crowd of people watched and their publications. This will allow you to use the potential and maximize the recipient’s involvement, and thus build a stable position on the market and your own brand.

More importantly, when combined with the Instagram platform, a personal blog allows you to better present the value that the creator brings when applying for cooperation. Companies most often care about reach, so combining a portal with a million-strong community with a place where more important is content supported by evidence and examples developed and documented specifically for the needs of a potential recipient, proves how mutually beneficial this type of business model can be.

Nevertheless, although it is the best solution, it is also the most time-consuming and absorbing. It requires a lot of commitment to creating the right form of mutual complementation and promotion of content so that they do not overlap.


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